Archery slow to upgrade?

With focus above 75 and fast learner, I’m only getting like 1-2% per archery shot. Most other things go up 5-8% for the same quantity of acts.

What bow are you using?

Ranged attacks check to make sure you can tell what you’re doing wrong (and therefore correct for it, improving your skill). So as Ninja was getting at, your bow and your arrows will effectively limit your ability to practice archery. Sorry.

I bring it up because using a self bow (can’t even craft until some survival 1) and wood shafts makes it damn hard to raise archery. Meanwhile chucking rocks is usually up to 3 before I get very far, and my gun goes up 9% on my first shot, and that’s at probably the same focus.

I was using 1910 before, and I never saw fletching nor fletching-ingredient recipes, but I didn’t read archery books.

On the same note, I had marksmanship up at like level 2, so it just seems a bit broken that everything else levels up like 3x faster in comparison. I was hitting nearly every shot, but at like 2-3 damage, maybe 5, at a distance of 2 spaces.

Becuase bows are awesome! :smiley:

They are really powerful when you raise it high enough, like to 8 or 9. Maybe balance?

Though I had archery at 20 at one point…

Back with an integrated toolset, it was common to get mechanics up that high (no skill rust of course).

I’m guessing if skill rust is on for anyone, they will never raise archery, or will do so VERY VERY slowly. (Literally level 0 gains 1-2%! I can’t imagine higher levels…)

I hate skill rust. I mean, you don’t forget how to build an engine in two days. So, I leave it off. I recommend you do it as well to save yourself the trouble of rage in the future.

Hrrrm, this may be a problem. Now it IS training properly( +5%@79Focus). My last .exe I had open for a long time, hope it wasn’t a sign of something else. My Marksmanship is now 3, and I’m facing a child instead of a larger zombie.

Edit: Then I get a good hit and it raises 0. I’m confused.

Oohh, just go with it! Read all the archery books, train hard, don’t die, and maybe you’ll find a Boywers Buddy (A book) or a new bow out there somewhere.

And he kind of bow does matter, if you didn’t glean it from Ka’s post.

Kind of bow affects growth after a certain point afaik, not growth within the range. I’d expect whether a longbow or self-bow, each increment from 0 to 1 would be the same percent