Crafting arrows in .9 ma

I can make a self bow and a wood shaft, but it looks like I need level 1 archery to make an arrow. This means I either need to find arrows, disarm crossbow traps, or find an archery book to get into archery in .9 right? i had stopped taking archery to start since you didnt need archery 1 anymore to get arrows and a bow.

Just take potshots at squirrels or something with wood shafts until you reach level 1.

didnt realize you could shoot shafts

thanks. bleh. we will see if i can actually hit t hem.

Just fire at the ground. Same goes for training throwing.

Make hundreds or arrow shafts. Find a horde. Shoot at the horde. Run backwards.

Fast learning is done by shooting at a wall for more convenience, or at ground. The problem by shooting at ground is that depend of the version you may detroy your own arrow by shooting at them while they are already at ground, and would need that you pick up the arrow each time you fire it.

Yeah, I didn’t want to mention it but you can raise your archery skill without shooting at enemies. Of course, now we’ll have people clamouring for it to be taken out.

It does make sense though. Target practice is target practice no matter what you practice on.

Having a cap would be nice though, as suggested in the cooking thread that doing 1 thing over and over shouldn’t raise your skill infinitely. Other than that I agree that target practice is logical and I can’t see why this would be removed just because people praised it.

you shouldnt be able to improve skills by shooting at the ground. that is lame. might as well just have a macro.

Well, realistically that’s how you get good at archery. There’s only so many people who’ll go chase after zombies to level up their skills. Game balance wise it should absolutely be capped and be less easy, but it does make sense.

What kind of damage do you get per hit using archery? A good hit with my wooden javelin (thrown) does about 20-40 on average at throwing level 8

Archery can go with skill lvl 8 without effort around 50damage, with over 200 when you do an headshot (with is really common, is your target have an head and is close)

But it’s totally off topic.

Repeater crossbow is still pretty good.
Lvl 8 archery lvl 8 marksmanship
Average 25 damage on burstfire, 50 damage on headshots.
15 xbow wood bolts only need a knife and a piece of wood + 5 minutes.
Metal bolts are slightly better, but metal is not as abundent and way heavier. (Unless you break cars all the time)

This is what I do to get metal in Cata.

Go loot a hardware store, take out all of the stuff you need/want.

If you don’t have a hardware store, go look at an abandoned store front.

Start {s}mashing up all of the display racks. Then take the metal.

If the hardware store has a metal compactor and you need a specific metal, use it.

I find that metal arrows have less of a chance of disappearing than wooden ones, so you can stretch a few metal ones out for a lot longer. Plus, you can just carry a hacksaw, hammer and supply of fletchlings around, and duck into a nearby store anytime you need more.

Even on no-cities mode, a shovel and a few minutes with a helicopter crash get you enough metal for most of your ordinary needs.

I never thought about hunting heli-crashes for metal before!
Thanks for the pro-tip.

And regarding metal arrows, I still can’t be bothered with them.
40 heavy wood arrows is enough for most of my city runs. Bullets for anything more important.

I suppose that no-city runs means no bullets to get bullets. So yeah THEN I would need some metal bolts/arrows.