Is there a limit to the amount of mutations you can have?

I have the perk that gives random mutations and I’m wondering just how if there’s a maximum to the amount of mutations a person can have through random mutations, or if i’m going to have to seek out some purifier

Sort of? You can’t have all mutations because some cancel out others but otherwise I don’t think there is an upper limit. If you are working with genetic chao you’ll (imo) either want to purify to base and treat it like an illness you need to keep treating or ride the tiger and let the chao keep flipping cards for you. Most things have an opposite trait so you’ll be gaining and losing stuff at random.
Did you take robust genetics too?

yeah, seemed like playing with fire without it.
it’d be even more a loose cannon than playing as a bionic monster

In theory you should eventually end up with more good then bad in term of traits with robust genetics, if you do go that route I’d advise you to think of possible combinations you could end up with that take special consideration.
Food for the different possiblities, you wouldn’t want all meat stuff and end up a herbivore or pick up albino or usine vision and not have the required gear.

I would also recommend checking out what good mutations cancel bad ones and plan your targeted mutagens/serums accordingly. Say you get lumbering from the plant tree, you can take mutagen from the spider tree to get dexterous which automatically cancels out lumbering. And it’s actually less random than purifiers in my experience.