Mutating question

When mutating is best to just take gallons of my serum of choice and purify at the end or is it better to purify along the way if i want to have good results in the end.

Serums add random mutations, purifier takes random mutations away. Statistically speaking, there’s no good way to ensure you get good mutations unless you have robust genetics.

If i want to get alot of the post threshold mutations with say slime or bird or whatever is with minimal negatives when taking the particular serum for that category. I am sure people have messed with the stuff and done plenty of testing.

I havent gotten into mutating yet but i have the ability to make tons of my chosen serum and purifiers.

Problem is, mutagen and serum will give you random mutations, both positive and negative. Purifier takes away random mutations, both positive and negative. You have equal chances of getting good or bad ones (unless you have robust genetics), so it’s really just a matter of getting lots or very few, unless you want to go to the effort of using purifier and mutagen over and over until you get mostly positive mutations.

Your best bet would probably be to take robust genetics at the start and drink/inject as much mutagen and serum as you can get in hopes that you eventually override the negative mutations with positive ones.

Another way to get rid of negatives is to chuck mutagens for trees that have countering mutations. Keep in mind the more you drink of same tree the less good bad mutations you have left.

Eg. if you want to make a great Elf-A you’re better off taking bird, fish, troglo + elfa instead of trying to get a pure elfa straight. Might wanna start with elfa thresh first and then purify everything until you have a good starting base to work with.

Any advice on what would compliment a slime mutant

Stay away from melee combat. Use your slimesprings effectively and/or use ranged weapons. Preferably lasers.

You have 1/3 chance for a certainly bad mutation without robust.

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Ehm, yeah. That’s what I meant… Need sleep.

Trial and error. That’s my advice. Simply because it’s hard for me to get into theoretical part without actual practice.

Just keep in mind that consuming lots of mutagen (and maybe purifier too) can give you the addiction, and that sometimes mutating is painful, so be ready to ‘suddenly feel dizzy and get dropped to the floor.’