Mutation spell effect

Hello all, i am currently looking for a means to produce a spell that would in essence cause one to gain a random mutation.

I am hard at work on a super power mod and this effect would go along with the evolution power, which for a suitably high fatigue cost would cause one to gain a random mutation.

Only issue is i can’t figure out how to cause the mutation effect to happen when the ability is used. Help would be appreciated!

I’m not a mod creator, and even more so I don’t understand the cataclysm code, but have you tried to look at the mutagen code? I’m sure this is what you need. if you need a code for a random mutation, check the mutagen code. if you need to understand how to apply the ability to the body-view the code of mutagens and bionics
(Oh god, 4 months old post, sorry bro)