Mutation "parasite immune" - works or not?

i cleaned the forest of fungaloids
and catch parasite. fungal parasite. i eat (or, to be more correct, drink) vegetable juice which get from Butchered corpses of fungaloids.

is the mutation do lower % of possibility to catch parasite but not 100% of parasite-free living?
or mutation works only if you not eat parasite-contained food? i mean versus skin parasites can not enter into your organism but via stomach - very well?

You can only get fungal parasites by getting it from spore clouds or special attacks from fungal monsters. Parasite immune works for raw foods and drink, but i’m pretty sure it also means immunity from fungal parasites and dermatik parasites also.

Parasite immune is quite worthless at the moment: it only immunizes against food-based parasites and dermatik.
Making it protect against fungal would make it quite a bit less worthless.