Mutation Changes mod



one thing i would love for this mod. a changes wiki so i knew what i was getting thats the only thing keeping me from this mod. i have no idea what it changes and adds and thus no way to plan


A complete changelog for this mod would be pretty big, so I’ll only tell you the most important changes. If you want a perfect changelog you will have to compare the modfiles with vanilla game files.

Most armor from mutations has been increased, most notably the roomy shell in the base game gives you armor roughly equal to that from a survivor suit while with this mod it becomes almost as good as light power armor.

Most non-humanoid post-threshold mutants (i.e. everything except medical, alpha and elf-a) gain a change to their anatomy which gives them bonus stats.

Some terrible mutations gain benefits so that it is no longer the end of the world when you get them, for example Huge gives a strength boost to compensate for its massive negatives.

Some mutation groups get a nerf. The only one I can recall currently is spider mutants losing the ability to wear ANBC suits/power armor.

Adds a new mutation group tortoise. It is most notable for mutations that make you slow and increase your durability.

No mutation changes for mouse. Mice weren’t a thing when this mod was made.

The OG mod by Peeved_Penguin also made mutagen easier to learn (booklearned at level 3 cooking, autolearned at level 5 cooking + 1 first aid) and craft (lowered the amount of ingredients required to make mutagen). Mutagen books were changed to train skills 3 through 5 instead of 8 through 9 to make it easier to learn how to make them.

The updated mod removed the easier mutagen recipes but left the books the way they were. So it actually became a bit harder to read your way to high level cooking for serums. There is also the bug with lab starts as mentioned by Nalkor. Both of these issues can be fixed with some JSON editing if you are up to the task.


ah ok thanks. that helps a bit.


For me, a post-thresh Spider losing ANBC/Power armor is painful, but that’s only when taking stuff like nastier turrets, robots/drones, and the Fungoid monsters into consideration.