Mutation and bionic effects?

I’ve been digging through file after file trying to find information on the exact impacts of various mutations and bionics, but can’t find any info on them.

Does anyone know where the information on their exact effects?

If you can’t find it in mutation.json and bionics.json, it’s probably spread somewhere in the sources, all over the place.
Search for the bionic’s id in the sources. All code either addresses the values in the json or the id directly.

I’ve tried using fileseek (a word search engine that checks inside every file for plaintext words), searching for the IDs of specific bionics and mutations. But I only ever find superficial data like the text descriptions, weight of CBM, power requirements, etc. I can’t find anything what-so-ever for actual mutation/bionic impacts on needs, damage, etc.

So I suspect if it does exist, it’s in a file that can’t be opened in a traditional text reader. Or, bionics/mutations effects use files that have reference IDs completely unrelated to their actual IDs.

Search the source code, not the binary distribution.
The “src” directory. If you don’t have it, you have to download the game sources from github.

Ah, you’re right. Found relevant info searching the ccp files in the master (source) from github. Thanks for the help.

I’m trying to add damage values to the cdda wiki, but can anyone that reads code decipher this formula? While I’m familiar with algebra and calculus, I don’t recall ever seeing question marks and colons used like that in formulas.

1 + (unarmed_skill > 8 ? 4 : unarmed_skill / 2)

if ((1 + unarmed skill) > 8) then
unarmed skill / 2