Edit: Adding a Radiation Bionic?

Are there any bionics that cause radiation similar to the radioactivity mutation tree? Preferably a purely detrimental broken bionic. If not I’ll have to see if I can code one but figured I’d ask first.

Only the Internal Microreactor and Advanced Microreactor System cause radiation as far as I’m aware and only when being used to charge power back up but I could be wrong.

Alright I want to change the nature of the request. I can’t seem to find the code for the actual effects of any of the bionics in bionic.json so I assume they are somewhere else. I really would prefer to code in a broken reactor bionic in to go with one of the challenge classes I’m making but the Github Guides to modding bionics in is essentially just saying many require c++ but doesn’t actual give any information as to how. Still that means there has to be a way to add bionics somehow and I want to figure out how.

Just as another aside for another thread, though that may be solved by the answer I get above how would I make traits as well. I need to also make a trait that disables an arm similar to a brief case or fusion blaster arm.

Can’t help you in the regard at least, I’ve barely dipped my toe when it comes to creating mods.