Mutated/Invasive Alien Flora?

So I just realized that while we have loads of mutated mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, etc, but the only mutated flora is the mutant poppy? While there are Triffids they aren’t mutants, they are ALIENS. And on that note, why do Triffid Queens cause massive growth of TERRAN life wherever they move? Shouldn’t they be spawning plant life from wherever they came from, or altering it into different varieties?

To this end, having some mutated, triffid spawned/altered, or non-sentient invasive alien botanical species would be cool, and make walking through a forest (especially at night) a truly terrifying experience.


Murderous Willow: Stabs anything that walks by with branches.

Imposter Oak: Looks like a regular oak tree until you come close, its roots will begin attacking you and attempt to drag you into a hidden mouth on the trunk.

Grenadier Pine:

Venus Mantrap: Giant mutant venus flytrap. Guess what it does when you walk over it.

Mutant Kudzu: Grows everywhere from a central core, attacks anything moving on the tiles it has covered.

Bloody Rose: Rosebush that shoots thorns at those who come close.

Johnson’s Lemon Tree: Don’t eat the lemons. May be used for crafting though.

Mutated Mistleoe: Will attach to any living creature and mind control it. Including players. If you aren’t wearing a helmet, there is a chance of being permanently enthralled, game over.


We need to go deeper (into the mists):


Basically any nightmarish plant from a sci-fi or fantasy would be awesome to have. Tromping through the forest should be like taking a stroll on Pandora, Catachan, or Pyrrus.

Under the current code it would be pretty easy to implement tesla trees.

Or any other plant monster I’d guess. Perhaps mapagen could swap whole forest patches with such monsters.

Thats more or less what I was thinking. Though having a few things that LOOK like normal earth plants but are really something mutated/alien and predatory scattered through regular forests would also be good.