Mutated part droprate, gun smitheries, and security systems

If it’s just me, or rng, OK.
My curiosity is: has anyone run into the gunsmithery building on a long time? It shows up as a gun shop but has a back room with a bunch of materials and tools for guns and ammo. I’ve been told its still on the spawn list but i haven’t seen it since I started playing cdda again a few months ago.

I’ve also noticed that the mutated part spawn rate is absurdly low. In the same time as above, I have seen a single (1) mutated leg in all the vats of all the labs I have raided. The rest have been devoid of anything.

Finally, anyone notice that any vehicle that’s in somewhat decent shape usually has its security system destroyed? I can’t remember the last time I had to jimmy a car to start it.

This is all with default world settings, BTW, except for zombie half-life and npc spawn rate.

Note edit: this is experimental of various latest versions, using a bunch of mods including the vehicle and gun ones.

Also apparently roaches were added at some point? I have yet to see one even on fresh worlds.

Maybe something in the code is taking all the rng roll percents that fall below a certain threshold and rounding them down to zero

Sample sizes are your friiiieeend.

Basically, for the gun stores, if I recall it has a weight of 100 compared to the normal variant’s 1000, and the recently re-add gun vendor variant also has a weight of 100.

Now that’s just for the odds of a particular variant of gun store appearing WHEN a gun store is generated. Meanwhile the weights for actual buildings in a town complicate things further…

          "shops": {                        "//": "weighted list of oterrains for commercial zoning",
              "s_gas": 5,
              "s_pharm": 3,
              "s_grocery": 15,
              "s_hardware": 5,
              "s_sports": 5,
              "dojo": 2,
              "gym": 1,
              "gym_fitness": 2,
              "s_liquor": 5,
              "s_gun": 5,
              "s_clothes": 5,
              "s_library": 2,
              "s_bookstore": 2,
              "s_restaurant": 4,
              "sub_station": 5,
              "bank": 3,
              "s_pizza_parlor": 4,
              "bar": 4,
              "s_electronics": 5,
              "pawn": 3,
              "mil_surplus": 2,
              "s_garage": 5,
              "station_radio": 4,
              "office_doctor": 2,
              "s_restaurant_fast": 4,
              "s_restaurant_coffee": 3,
              "bowling_alley": 2,
              "church": 2,
              "office_cubical": 2,
              "furniture": 2,
              "abstorefront": 2,
              "police": 1,
              "fire_station": 2,
              "home_improvement": 2,
              "s_lot": 4,
              "s_arcade": 2,
              "s_antique": 2,
              "s_gardening": 2,
              "museum": 1,
              "s_music": 2,
              "s_laundromat": 1

I’ve also noticed that small vat rooms rarely seem to have mutant limbs, but when I encounter larger vat rooms, the quantity is much more variable. I’m going to bet that the odds of a mutant limb generating are set at juuuust the right point to make results very rare without a large area to call the roll repeatedly.

Also? Jacks are another item to suffer from RNG fuckery. I have to scour entire towns just to find one. >.>