Mutagen naming convention and consistencifying the names

I’m but a lowly peasant, but I would suggest looking over the mutagen names, purely in the name of academic or scientific consistency. I did some brief word research and dictionary-diving and came up with some changes/suggestions below.

Lizard -> Reptilian
Bird -> Avian
Fish -> OK? Aquatic?
Beast -> Bestial
Feline -> (OK)
Lupine -> Canine
Ursine -> (OK)
Cattle -> Bovine
Insect -> Insectoid
Plant -> Floral? Botanical?
Slime -> Invertebrate? Molluscan?
Troglobite -> (OK)
Cephalopod -> (OK)
Spider -> Arachnid
Rat -> Marsupial?
Medical -> Supragenic?
Alpha -> Transhuman? Conflicts with ‘supragenic’? Possibly merge the two categories?
Elf-A -> Elven? Trans-elven? Leave it ‘as is’ as a joke?
Chimera -> Chimerian? Chimeral?
Raptor -> Raptorial

Thoughts so far?

Of course we could do the rational thing and pamper the uneducated audiences and change
Lupine -> Dog (or Wolf)
Ursine -> Bear

Then again, all the fancy scientific names could be explained in the mutagen descriptions. Using games to educate people 101. I say we go full science though. One always goes full science.

I’d prefer the latter: dumbing down the names to mention mutation branches directly.

Or even “Mutagen: branch name”

Hasn’t this come up on Github before? I’ll re-iterate my opinion on it: just keep the names as they are, they’re ALL informal designations.

The descriptions in lab books and other places referencing PE-### and refer to the mutagen name in quotes. We could reference the PE designation in the mutagen description (and make up designations for mutagen currently lacking a designation), but the mutagen names currently used aren’t their formal designations. :V