Music and where it went?

Whatever happened to the music in Cataclysm? The option is there, the music I have heard sounds amazing. There is little to no documentation of what happened with the music. Either. Is it part of a mod that I just don’t know?

There’s a config file that references two songs that are no longer present, so I assume someone ate them. :V

They were delicious :smiley:

I guess the two songs had some kind of problem with copyright or some stupid stuff like this, and they got taken out - OR they removed the songs but left the option inside so that people can put their own music into the game?

I oughta eat you for that then. ;A;

And yeah, you can dump your own music in there and edit the config file to use them. Works with .mp3 music as well, not just wav or midi.

Actually both songs were composed for the explicit purpose of being used ingame, thing is that none of them were packed by default with the game (due to file size issues) and the links to download them now lie buried deep in the forum, alone and forgotten.

Ah, that explains it. ;_;

You seem to know a lot about it, John. Tell us, where lies the secret temple of the long lost music? We must start an expedition immediately! Whos with me? grabs bullwhip and hat oh, and someone, bring a spiral stone with you, you know how annoying those temple doors can be

Yes, link us or you’ll also be on the list of dragonsnacks. owo

Well it actually wasn’t half as hard as I thought it would be:

EDIT: as to where of the rest album is no idea, this is as far as my memory takes me.

RE EDIT: found the rest sorta:

I really like the one by djrodw, reminds me of Perfect Dark

Will this things be compatible with the sound mod that is in the works?

Its already compatible, you only got to download the SDL build and then place the songs data/sound/ and edit the config file if you are adding new tracks, well at least that’s what I think you need to do.

Ooh, neat. I for one often use Doom music, or on one occasion used the Goldeneye: Source music. Or just leave game music alone and play my usual playlist.

Mentioning Doom made me love you.

Always classic, though there are plenty of remixes that are also awesome.

Also, though technically not Doom music, there are some wads like Hell Grounds with awesome music. It could totally fit CataDDA’s theme, I’ll see if I can get the names for you people.

We should totally open a thread for posting fitting music for cdda!


Maybe, though I could’ve sworn there were threads of that sort.

I’m really digging the Cataclysm themed music selection. I usually just listen to my normal music playlist when playing, now that I have a UPS converted mp3 player I imagine my survivor also just listens to songs like Safe and Sound 24/7 to keep her sanity. These are definitely going in to break them up with a much needed ominous feeling though.

Check my sig, that’s my current in game jam. It’s pay what you want, or you can stream it from the site.