Multivitamin volume?

I updated from 13528-g13127dc to 14381-gba63e0d and I am suddenly over volume. A quick look shows the most likely culprit to be the multivitamins, 61 volume for a stack of 616. Is this intended?

Each 100 has a volume of 1, yes it is intended probably until containers for things like that come into being.

61 volume for 616 pills equals approx. 1 volume for 10 pills, not 100. It may have been 100 or 200 pills per 1 volume at some point, but the last I played (weeks ago) it was 1 volume per 20 pills. I guess it’s now 10. Still, I can’t be sure if that’s intentional or not. Seems bit harsh and unrealistic though.

It was 1 for 20.

did they change the stack size?

Gummy vitamins are one for ten.

Gummies are not a problem, I have less than 10 of them. What’s the ratio of volume increase for multivitamin pills?

Twenty multivitamins per one point of volume.

616 multivitamins should then give about 30 volume, not 61…

I’ve not been able to replicate this; just tested it and 616 multivitamins take up 31 points of volume.