Let’s just cut to the chase, I don’t expect multiplayer to be easy or fast to program in, but it would be amazing:)

Tl;Dr no


I have skimmed a bit of it Kevin, I apologize but me having limited attention span I didn’t a lot of it. But I definitely understand how it could be confusing/hard to do. I didn’t NOTICE anyone say this but multiplayer could make proper use of walkie talkies and the cell phone. Just to mention. I imagine that there would be some sort of teleport option when spawning in so that you don’t have to FIND your friend. And it should implament the real-time option that you have in, well, the options menu. Something like books and other long time things could be plenty pesky, but maybe you could do some sort of spectate while your character does such an action. And while all players are doing a long-time action it would still speed up. NPCs would follow their original friend but possibly have some sort of option to join the other one.

The reason that option is there is so people can try it and see how crappy it is.

The problems with long actions you wave away are in fact insurmountable.

Maybe he likes idle multiplayer games.

I mean, I played few of those too.

You misunderstand, Im not saying you can’t make a game that resembles cataclysm that has a multiplayer feature. I’m saying if you change cataclysm enough for multiplayer to work, its no longer cataclysm.

sigh I suppose I do understand. Although it is still disappointing.
Also, while I have no skill in the matter, is this game copy righted? Because someone could possibly make a game really similar to this that includes multiplayer

All games are copyrighted, but thus game includes a creative commons license, so you can modify your copy any way you like and redistribute the result.

MP would suck for the same reasons people are not honest. Not only do they cheat for grins. But also for practical reasons, such as, sleeping in game. Just think for a moment and you should realise how impractical it all comes down too.

If you want a multiplayer CataclysmaDDA, download a MUD codebase and spend a few months modifying it. Rom2.6 is written in C and easy to modify but LPMud is better suited because it comes with an overmap wilderness hard coded in; you’d just have to learn LPC which is an OO version of C. (Different from Objective-C in many ways.)