Mr Roboto - A DIY Robot idea

As always in my threads. All are welcome to discuss and even make the idea a reality.

…-Mr Roboto -…

So the basic frame work for this idea is thus:

Custom humanoid size robots. The system for this would be similar to the slot system for CBMs. The logic here is to be able to have a bank of parts that are interchange able.

Torso (also covers the back)
Left Arm/Right Arm (perhaps also covers the shoulders?)
Left Hand/Right Hand
Left Leg/Right Leg
Left Foot/Right Foot
(legs/feet may cover tracks; such as a tank tracks)
(spider legs?)

The customization similar to, say for example, the auto motive system in terms of building a robot. To you start as a car would with an empty screen. Whatever parts you have available you can stick them together and the slot idea would be a limiter to have a dose of logic incorporated to not make a robot the size of a building. Plus allow them to function with reason for other logical function. Like walking through a door way.

Function comparisons of body parts-
Legs would be much better than tracks. For purpose of climbing up and down stairs or rope. But where spider legs may excel in warfare for being able to lose a leg appendage and keep moving. They too would be limited in some ways. Such with not climbing a rope/rope ladder/normal ladder. Though stairs would be fine.

Arms could also perhaps sport shoulder weapons. Examples- Rockets/Grenade Launcher/Water Jet Hose(with water tank backpack).

Skills and Traits:
Requiring a better than average intelligence to fully make use of these features(in game)

Electronics to make use of and put together the components. Also used to make robot appendages if the skill and intelligence is high enough.

Used as a lesser skill to correctly put together the physical components available.

Once the chassis is completed you have…a very nice statue. But seriously, a brain is a nice feature right? So adding in a head slot component that hold various memory options(bank size? CPU?) You would add software to the robot. After the chassis is created. Also requiring a high intelligence and comes with a risk of mistakes(various unintended random the robot may act upon).

Other factors to create a robot and to maintain said robot:

While most tools could be used from the stock of items already in game. A Robot Repair Kit maybe a viable option as a special kit to have for small bits and bob type of items specific to repairing a more sophisticated machine.

Items such as laptops and USB sticks may be modified to randomly have rare software for robots. Locations that would be likely to sport such items more prevalent may be, for example sake; Labs and any locale that already has robots it use. Pre-existing robots can be salvaged and the software can be taken via(a hack tool?) and placed into a USB memory device.


Basic software:
Movement. Service robots come to mind. Anything from a janitor to a firefighting robot.

Industrial Software:
Arm only manufacturing robots on assembly lines? Maybe this category can be rolled into Basic. But I wanted to have the Industrial/factory setting thought of. Also, Business robots for in house delivery services; Food carts or mail delivery.

Military Software:
Be it Military, Mercenary sector and/or Police. This category would deal with more sophisticated movements, such as fighting and tactics. While a basic program may be able to allow shooting a crossbow or pistol. It would do a terrible job when compared to that of a tactical program made specific to this task. Perhaps found in military outposts, base, or in rare case, a lab where it may have been created in the private sector.


it seems unrealistic that a survivor would be able to build a functional humanoid robot or even custimize one, so unless it is given by or bought form the vault or the hub i doubt anyone could make a custom robot that wouldn’t be a junk bot. so this might be mod material. that said i could see a survivor build on of the prexisting robots that already exist in game if they have very high crafting still in fab, mech, elec, comp and such and either find a bleu print that shows how these robot are build or deconstructs enough of a type of robot to know how they are build than you would have to use parts form scraped robots to make these robots since you couldn’t do the actual coding or make many of the parts yourself from scratch.



I don’t think it’s entirely impossible to build a robot but maybe it could be easier to just use what already exist and modified, like modifing a grocery bot to use a electric chainsaw. It’s already possible to repair various turrets/bots in the game and use.


Prefebricated parts in factories and shops are a novel ideaand shops or janitor bots or military robots are always available.

Discuss :slight_smile:

i do think it would be completely reasonable to scrap those janitor or military robots for parts and build new ones using said parts. only question being how far you would be able to pimp and modify your robots to some kind of metal death machine.

Disassembling robots for parts and assembling new ones is already on vanilla.

and modification? (replacing the assault rifle on a turret with a rocketlauncher for example)

I do think it’s possible, I made the mod Modular Turrets Remake (still in beta-ish stage). The problem comes when you want to create bigger things like whole mechs, the Hacksmith channel is currently making the Power Loader from the Alien movie and they need to do a lot of work, not only designing but welding, ajusting, solving problems, and put together all the pieces, that things is heavy.

I personally think that the player should be able to repair a turret/robot and modified for combat but not whole mechs and plut-cell powered laser shooting mini tanks. Or modified so much the programmation of a AI core to enable it to aim and shoot any gun with ease.

Butttttt…not as far as I’m discussing though. You can’t knock out a gun turret and make a totally custom robot from it and those trigger happy National Guard robots. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Everything so far is making crap that already exists. What I would like to see is a custom robot system, similar to our vehicle system.

It’s not going to happen

Seeing as my inventory system just came out and was mainlined. I wouldn’t be so certain friend :wink:

You opened this issue 7 years ago?

Thought you had a decent point until I read more. What he described is bags that can be picked up and dropped for lightening his encumbrance.

What I came up with a long time ago was an inventory framework for more realistic item access. That made the user place items as per need in an order they would use more often in easier accessable garment containers.

The issue I linked is the issue for nested container the thing that Korg spent month working on and just got into texperimental.

The robot thing won’t happen because it would be a lot of work for something that kevin already rejected: survivors can’t make diy robots.
But you can add more robots to a mod if you want.

I never saw any such framework.

I totally respect the actual coding and programming. In fact I think it looks nice. But that initial idea from the link you provided is different than the final product. Drop all you gear in one go and picking up that gear is different than the framework I proposed years ago. What was crreated by Korg, matches more closely to what I proposed. Which is why I like it.

Never say never even when Kevin says it won’t go in. We have poop. I been sporting that idea for years too lol

Been a few years I believe when I made mention of it and discussed it off and on since. Nobody much liked each idea about any new inventory system. So I stopped talking about it. I wasn’t implying plagiarism. Naturally when I see anything I thought of in the game. It pleases me greatly.

But we don’t have pooping? I never said we wouldn’t have animal waste. And we are definitely never going to have player-crafted humanoid robots.

I can say with a great degree of confidence that you did not have any meaningful input to the design of nested containers.

I’m not going to sift 5 year or so of random comments to validate my own ideas on the topic to satisfy what I am certain of already. But you are all free to believe what you like. I think it is a interesting addition irregardless. Thanks for maintaining the game.

So since you can build your own (prexisting) robots form scraped parts or repair them will we eventurally be able to modifiy them? (set new guns on turrets and robots, give them different melee weapons, install extra storage space or reprogram them to modify there behavior as you would giving comands to an NPC)