Newbie friend HUD

we will need an ability to turn this on and off. May want it on the side of the screen.

how about a drop down list of commands organized into categories that you can click with a mouse? Not sure what is required to get this to work with a mouse. there is a roguelike tool called noteye that some roguelikes use that have point and click capabilities.

Adom works with it now. I don’t really need this, but it would go along way to make it easier for newbs. if they can see lists of commands.

I know some people here (not sure how many exactly) are familiar with Elona, but I always liked its version of a radial menu it used… My biggest gripe is all the important and often used commands that are bound to SHIFT + 1-0-= etc… I’d like to see some kind of improvement (I know there has been one talked about, at least…) for these functions at least.

I was a big fan of Elona commands, but I personally felt that the shift + whatever was painful, but easy enough.