Most every bullets bounce off me and NPC in latest experimental build

Maybe this done for some testing purpose, but how switch it off? I’m trying latest and earliest experimental builds with same issues - All my bullets bounce off NPC persons and, for example, 9mm turret bullets bounce off mee too, if i have some non-armored cloth.

This is part of a major series of bugs that are being fixed right now. The code base is being cleaned up, and several bugs are being discovered.

Question, are the bug fixes related to Windows Console links being down?

The windows console links are down because the compiled versions are throwing out error messages and won’t work - as far as I understood at least. They are also working on that.

Thanks for the clarification.

This is fixed now

I guess this version could give me an excuse to train and use bashing for once.

It was the time when humans were badass enough to ignore cuts and bullets

It is only a flesh wound.