Experimental version gap

I was downloading the newest console version which I saw was 5999 but I remembered someone mentioning version 6005 so I took a look at the graphic download and it was 6021.

Is there a difference between console 5999 and graphics 6021? (Besides the obvious lack of tilesets)

Jenkins shows the ever-growing changelog.

Well that’s the thing, it would appear console experimental is a bit behind, but I’m unsure as to if they are both up to date but are running diferent numbers for whatever reason

A bug affects the windows console build and prevents it from compiling. Coincidentally, this looks like the perfect time to have a build-breaking bug, since versions from around 6009 to 6020 are affected by a giant gamebreaking bug.

I just merged an experimental fix. It might just work - we’ll see in a moment.

Ah okay, so console really is behind then. Odd how it would stop compiling but the graphical was fine

Just asking, but can’t you roll back and work again from there? Or there was just a lot of work since that version?

According to the change log a lot of things changed between 6009 and 6020, of course I couldn’t experience any of them because of the bug. 6021 fixed the bug though so now next time I go into a lab hopefully my NPC’s won’t pace back and forth through dissectors while I explore.