Mortal Kombat Dojo?

Just found a dojo with a lava fissure in it… o_O
Other than the lava fissure across most of the tatami mat area the place looks normal.

Is this random awesome, or did some genius put this into the game on purpose? A quick search for “Lava Dojo” didn’t turn up anything.

Just random awesome.

Now just tape two hulks together, cut one head off and you’ve got yourself a Goro.

Gahdanit Keyrep I don’t know why I find your pics to be so funny to me.

But I like it.

All hail the RNG, for it is the god of all things awesome/horrible.

It is horrible. I am feeling the heat if I stand near the door, let alone open it. Getting to the manuals is… problematic, even with the “path”.

You Only Die Twice

This is the best of things.

A shame there are no cyber-samuri or mutant ninjas there to teach you a lesson for daring to defile their sanctuary.

So like me when zombie animals get into my base when I decide to mutate?

I WAS the cybber-ninja. Now my heat-dessicated corpse will greet whomever visits the dojo next (or not, since the world deleted itself when I died a burned, dehydrated, hallucinating death)