More stone tools

I should be able to make a stone wrench, and a stone jack, and maybe even a stone car that uses rollers and doesn’t require an engine. Also why not golem CBMs? One of them gives me the ability to store rocks, another one gives me the ability for my arm to be rocks.

This isn’t the Flintstones.

  1. A stone wrench wouldn’t work. Or if it did it would be incredibly difficult to make without proper stone-cutting tools, would be incredibly heavy, and would be very likely to break.
  2. I don’t see how you can make a car jack out of stone. Jacks require moving pistons and hydraulic fluid to function correctly, as well as air-tight seals. Don’t see how you could make those out of stone.
  3. It’s called the pedal engine. You could make a car frame with two wheels and a pedal engine, at which point it would be referred to as a bike. (Or heck, attach a pedal engine to a normal car, though it won’t generate enough power to move it very fast or at all, depending on the size of the car).
  4. Internal storage CBM will let you store rocks.
  5. CBM’s are technology, not magic, you could get armor plating for your arms though, which would function similar for purposes of getting hit.

I wants to maek ston pixax and mine and find dimmonds.

…Oh wait, wrong fanbase, wrong game.

You can hit close to 20mph if you keep the mass around 1500-2000kg I think. I use a pedal-car with front-mounted blades in my game. I call it the “Yabba-Dabba-Doom”

I’ve seen abominations made of wood and plastic, but I’ve never seen a vehicle that’s built of minerals, only ones that mine 'em.