So I was cruising down the road on my motorcycle exploring some of the area surrounding my home city and I ran across a mound of rubble crackling with electricity. I skillfully maneuver between the arcs of electricity and snag the artifact at the center and run out. Then I notice something on the ground just north of the mound. A electric motor is lieing on the ground. I run over and grab it. Holding them in my hands I have a thought. What if I could run the motor off the artifact…!? I could have an engine with unlimited fuel! It’d be cool if we could place our artifacts into our vehicles to augment them in some ways. :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. You would of course need a very high mechanics, and possibly electronics skill, upwards to 12 to be even able to attempt it. Even then it should have a high chance of destroying what you are modifying (not the artifact mind you, as they seem to be made of adamantine and Toady Tears)

Also, you could add in artifacts/alien technology that pretty much already is a vehicle part and would just be added as per normal.

So yeah, warm stones should be hotplates then. Hue hue hue

o_O I registered just to reply here…

Hue hue hue indeed, since you are using a thing that came of NOWHERE recognizeable, that you don’t know how it works… to make food.

[shadow=red,left]AND WHAT ELSE IT WILL DO WITH THE FOOD?![/shadow]