'Military' Vehicles

I put military in quotes because it’s a blanket term really.

I’m wondering, I’ve only ever seen maybe 6 or 7 different vehicles spawn in the game.

How many are there really? and how many of them are specifically a ‘military’ issued vehicle (read: Humvee, Buffalo)

In a game where you can construct your own Death Machine, this seems redundant but I personally would relish the discovery of an up armored Humvee with a hefty deuce on the top yah know?

And about turrets, how are those actually supposed to work? and if they do, what if we could add some larger calibers? (yeah, i’d love to have this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1128_Mobile_Gun_System but a 20mm auto cannon would suffice xD)

from the amount of military corpses and bases surrounding the area, where the HELL are their vehicles?? just wondering.

Addendum: I never mentioned any other service vehicles such as police cruisers, SWAT vans, ambulance’s and fire engines.

I understand cars are supposed to be rare commodities but from the numbers i’ve gathered, 1 in 500 people ‘Might’ have driven a car before, and even fewer have ever owned such a rare and precious device.

It’d be inconvenient to those of us wanting to actually use the roads, but I agree, the wrecks of more cars should be visible along the roads.

well, i don’t mean wrecks per say. behind a police station or nearby (across the street) should be a small parking lot with a broken down cruiser or even one in decent condition.

a firestation with a chance at having a few different sizes of engines

maybe an ambulance at the hospital

those kinds of things. but yeah, a few wrecks here and there would be cool, like a path into the forest created by a speeding car, smashed to pieces or collisions at intersections and what not.

Cities are going to be jammed full of wrecks eventually.

sweet, scrap for weeks!!!

I know once upon a time there was a discussion of new map tiles and someone suggested a construction zone with appropriate vehicles. This would mean a bulldozer…which would mean tracks…(which to me means TANK)

but that’s for the future I suppose, just wanted some input if this was considered already

Scrap for weeks, and no more cruising through towns in a sedan slaughtering everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I’m working on adding bulldozer scoops, they’ll be able to clear rubble away by passing over it, so after you blow the shit out of a house with some explosives, you won’t have to painfully clear the rubble by hand.

I still want the 20 mike mike…

Could something like this be what you’re envisioning?