E-ink tracking

So I want to add it so that you can track your vehicle through your E-ink, but I don’t know what I should add. I found the code that lets you track it through your PDA but I’m unsure how to modify that to add the E-ink.

I think it just checks for having the PDA? Had heard that it wasn’t working, for whatever reason.

Yeah, but I don’t know which part of three checks for the PDA. Should I put what I have as a PR so that you can see what I’m talking about?

File and line reference should suffice.

player.cpp line 4446

Closest thing I’ve got to that is has_pda(), and you’d pretty much duplicate that for has_eink. Probably needs a header check and cross-reference too.

I’ve submitted what I have as a PR so you can look over it.

Just FYI it doesn’t really make sense to add this to the e-ink reader in mainline. Hope you get it working for your own use though :slight_smile:

Yeah, people are telling me it won’t be merged in Git too. I think I’ll stop working on it because I don’t have the motivation any more.