More first aid skill uses?

People are already talking about bullet wounds, but what about splints? Maybe people with good enough first aid skill can fit them better, allowing the limb to recover a bit faster. I haven’t played much with npcs, but is it possible to apply bandages and splints to them yourself?

Also, it might be hard to apply intravenous drugs without knowing where your veins are, so injecting yourself with a syringe would take longer without some first aid skill, and you might even end up applying mutagenic serum incorrectly, taking damage, hurting your health, and getting bad mutations. I’m thinking this could also spread to applying inhalers and oxygen tanks, but I’ve never used them, so I’m not sure.

Inhalers and oxygen tanks are pretty simple to use so I don’t believe that needs anything.

But I think what you suggested is pretty good… but I thought muta is taken by drinking it?

I mean the concentrated serums that can only be injected. If it doesn’t go right into the blood stream where it can smoothly diffuse throughout the body, then there are bound to be side effects. I think the chances of this happening should be effectively zero at a high enough skill level, though.

Oh okay. I don’t use muta a lot so i didn’t know there was a injection type.

But yeah i like this idea.

Yes, it is possible, but quite annoying

Maybe add different levels of splints, lower first aid, is a makeshift splint, chance of not holding long enough so needs to be reapplied, takes longer, higher skill makes a more effective one.

Finding a vein isn’t that hard for most people, if it was the druggies out there would have to go to medical school to shoot up. Not sure how if you missed the vein a mutagen would give you bad mutations, maybe not work properly so lower the chance for the mutation to happen, add more pain then it already causes, but that would lower the chance for good or bad mutations. Guess you could add in a line of partial mutations, only the arm/leg or where you injected it gets a chance to be affected, but that seems like a lot of work to only apply to starting characters, after all it only takes first aid 3 to make a serum.

As already stated, inhalers and oxygen tanks are not hard to use, you breath. But I have seen people not be able how to figure out a lot of things that seem simple, like pumping gas, or using an ATM, so maybe if they have a really low INT. they could fail, get a message, “You can’t figure out how this works, maybe it goes in the other end.”

Course there are some who think INT level should cap how high some of your skills can go, makes sense to me, some people just can’t grasp more complex things, no matter how hard/many times they read the books


I feel like drug addicts basically “practiced” first aid by shooting up, even if it was to destroy their body for euphoria instead.

If I, a person with no medical knowledge, were given a syringe, I’m pretty sure I would have trouble using it. I would eventually find a vein, but it would take a rather long time, or maybe 6 turns, and might pain me a bit as my untrained hands shake the needle and mess with the perforated skin. Drug addicts constrict their arms to make a vein pop up, demonstrating knowledge in the human body, even if it’s for a bad purpose. I would think that would be something like skill level 2 or 3, and would shorten the time to 2 or 3 turns. Nurses and medics would be both calm and accurate, due to their high skill in the field (skill level 6+?), shortening the time needed to 1 or even less than 1 turn.