More Enhancement/Modification

Whether this idea is good or not is for you to decide but anyways. We have mods for guns obviously, mods for tools and now we have clothing enhancements. But why is it that we can’t really enhance our melee weapons. Yes I know we can turn some melee weapons into new one’s such as the rising sun and diamond weapons and some mod-able tools are useful melee weapons such as the electric carver. That is not the point there are no items that go in the weapons tab that are mod-able and that is what I suggest.
My current idea is that items that can be used for welding can be used to enhance melee weapons in the sense of if you have say a sledge hammer and a circular saw blade you can choose to enhance the hammer with it giving it a degree of cutting damage.
If you have any other ideas shout them out and if this has already been posted I’m sorry.

That sounds cool to me. Maybe do Dwarf Fortress style (in the mods I think anyway) where you can add spikes and stuff to your weapons for a little extra damage.

It could be done . However as i have read before the mod system is convoluted and riddled with awful code. The devs seem to be reluctant to expand upon it.
So either the whole modding system needs to be reworked and/or someone who feels that this is worth the work would have to code it himself.

Just be careful with it.

While it’s fine to put spikey bits on things like hammers, mauls, clubs etc, putting spikey bits on say a sword or dagger will completely ruin the usefulness of a sword. There’s also the issue that spikey bits will make a weapon easier to get stuck in your enemy.

Yes please!
I see chainswords and powerswords in the future, maybe even laserswords.

I think the modification system needs to be optimized first before expanded upon.