More diverse wildlife

  1. types of bears. Black, brown, grizzly. Mutant Ninja Polar bears. make some more aggressive than others
  2. animal familes. troops of bears. if they have young ones they are more aggressive
  3. packs of wolves. say 10+. these types of harder spawns should come after a period of time in game… or your toast. so you have time to prepare
  4. bears/cougars can break down windows in shelters. more likely to do so when it starts getting cold. cause their hungry
  5. ZOMBIE ANIMALS. Zombie Bears (see Blackout by Mira Grant. They kill a Zombie Bear. nominated for a hugo).
  6. mutant animals
  7. exotic animals. escaped from the zoo. lions (packs of lions). tigers, giraffe. Hippo

Animals in Water(make swimming dangerous. so add boats to build)
– mutant crocodiles/alligators. and zombie ones
– mutant swarms of piranha that can come on land.
– fresh water sharks (mutants)

Funny animals
– feral house cats. kitty got pissy and got into groups. so each one isnt strong, but each can jump away and they attack in swarms.
– see Adom. they have ‘spawner’ mobs. so they can ‘summon’ other mobs. so kitty/piranhas can call in there buddies and spawn them
– Mutant Gerbils. each one is weak. but they are aggressive and attack in groups
– smart apes. yeah. Planetof the Apes. they use weapons.
– Angry Birds. Alfred Hitchcock like
– Squirrel nests. Dont touch their nuts. they stockpiled for winter. could have lots of food that doesnt spoil. make the squirrels poisonous

Long way out:
animals attack each other. Might want to see the Skyrim Mod ‘skytest’ it has this.

Like the idea of smart apes. But you know what I really want to see in Cataclysm DDA? Wolverines. Gluttons. The most badass animal in the world.

  1. You are in New England. The only type of bear that has range in New England is the black bear. Later when we get more portal effects that might change, but for the moment all “bears” are black bears.
  2. I could see this, but it’ll probably be a while before it happens.
  3. This is already in the game.
  4. I could see bears maybe breaking windows, though the chance would be very low. The only report of a cougar breaking a window that I could find came from 1951, so I doubt that will go into the game.
  5. Eventually planned to start showing up as the game goes on for longer.
  6. Ehh. I’m not personally a big fan of this idea. I’d rather just have monster/mutants then mutant animals.
  7. When we get a zoo this will go in. Note that most exotic animals wouldn’t be able to survive in New England, so they will pretty much be confined to the zoo area (and most zoo animals can’t escape, either).

Neither alligators/crocodiles not piranhas can be found in New England. I can see some sharks, but right now water is already fairly dangerous, so it would take careful balancing.

Funny animals)
Personally I’m not really a big fan of making something like this a normal occurrence in the game. Some of them later on, but a few of them seem a little bit far out there.

Long way out)
Planned already.

Keep in mind that if a beast gets aggressive-defensive, yet worse if hungry, it may prove very sentient while stalking the prey. For example (intentionally omitting the American Bear) a full-grown wild canine, dire in strength won’t risk torso and head health, but its fangs and paws prove (again, intelligent) threat to anything that might get in the way. In other words, if a pack of wolves smell blood from a van that has a somewhat loose windshield, from a mile down the road, they may get mad from the bloodlust and capable of merely anything.

Does anyone really give a shit if the animal in question isn’t native to New England?

Hahaha , good joke.

Hahaha , good joke.[/quote]
Well? Do they?

Hahaha , good joke.[/quote]
Well? Do they?[/quote]
Well , i2amroy obviously gave a shit about the fact that no interesting animals want to live in new england.

Hahaha , good joke.[/quote]
Well? Do they?[/quote]
Yes. If the game is to be set in a real life location, it should at least try to accurately represent that location. As cool as it might be to have giant mutant scorpions or satanic polar bears all over the place in New England, it would annoy me to see such creatures in such locations in a game pretending to take place in a real life location.

There’s nothing stopping the developers from changing the setting to a fantasy location if they want to do such things, though. Then they can put desert next to tundra for all it matters because in a fantasy setting, you can do whatever you want.