More Descriptive Filenames for Jenkins Automatic Builds

Currently the archive name for the experimental versions of Cataclysm is “” regardless of whether or not it is the tiles or the curses version. Since the webpage is no longer pointing towards an exact build, but links to the latest build-page, is there any chance we could get more descriptive names for the auto-built zipfile? Something along the lines of “CataclysmDDA_0.A_b1179_Tiles” or “CataclysmDDA-0.A-b1179-Curses”

I keep many different copies of DDA around, and with constant updating to test new things it can get to be very time consuming to have to rename them every time. Especially if i am in a hurry and forget to rename one and then a day or two later have no way of knowing which build i was using because the text on the tile screen “0.A-882-ga4f397a” does not seem to be easy to match to its build number (1179). Inclusion of the build number on the title screen would be great too, but id more than settle for the easier? of the two solutions and just have the zip files distinguishable and easily extractable into their own pre-named folders.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, this would be great!