More clothes should protect from getting wet

What the title says. I recently noticed that trenchcoats don’t protect from the rain, much to my dismay. Neither do leather jackets.

Given the near constant rain during spring, there should be a few more reasonable solutions to this, especially considering what a massive happiness drain being wet is.

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I personally agree, there haven’t been many if any jackets I’ve owned that don’t work perfectly fine in rain especially for short to moderate trips. Seems odd rain jackets/umbrellas are so mandatory for avoiding wet penalty.

XD I misunderstood the title at first. I thought you were saying that wearing more layers should keep you from getting wet.

I think leather is usually considered fairly waterproof
–Fact check… nope. water resistant, but very porous so can get damaged by being wet. although I don’t think any of that is to the degree we would consider damaged, more of a “oh no my nice leather ___ has stains now” kind of thing. Think it does get a little weaker from water expoosure, but long as it dries out well, probably nothing bad enough to be worth representing in the game?

Not sure where that leaves us unless someone wants to stand in heavy rain and see how uncomfortable they get in leather.

Pretty sure there was an idea for waterproofing using fat, not sure what happened to it.

Leather is naturally porous, yeah, but a lot of leather jackets come pretreated with waterproofing. My leather jacket in high school was, water would just roll right off it.
You can also buy waterproofing kits.


Self built leather would be without treatment though, and the seams especially so.

Except things like the tricorn. That’s explicitly treated with oil or wax. Maybe having treatment be a separate option would be kind of cool.

The vast majority of leather jackets are going to be ones you find. One you make could be an ‘untreated leather jacket’ that could be further waterproofed.

Kinda funny. If you get a leather jerkin wet. Then let it dry. It’ll probably shrink and get moldy. This was a form of torture in them olden days. Put a leather jerkin on some one and dump water on them. Tossem in the sun for awhile and it shrinks to torture them from compression.

Not sure how effective it was though.

I remember rubbing candles on the porous parts of my shoes when I was a young lad. I did it whenever it rained the night before a school day, so I could go splash around in puddles without getting my socks drenched. It worked fairly well, took quite a bit of time for the wax to wear down enough to allow water through again. Perhaps it could be implemented into the game to make certain clothes temporarily waterproof?