Morale while batch crafting

With the recent changes to food morale buff duration, I’ve been having difficulties keeping my alcoholic character productive during batch crafting, as my food/alcohol based buffs all go away at about an hour in, at which point I only have the -10 from Bad Tempered, and the -80ish from alcohol withdrawl. While ideally I would just be able to take breaks and drink booze in the middle of crafting to avoid withdrawl, that hasn’t been implemented in the code at this time. So I’m looking for some more long-lasting ways to boost morale, to the point where my crafting productivity is not significantly impacted by the debuffs.

I was hoping that books would work, but they appear to have a similarly short duration. Anyone got any ideas for something that would last longer?

Gee, if only there was some way of prevent your character from getting alcoholism related debuffs in the first place. Hmm.

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You can do that tho. Just press pause mid-craft (and confirm), drink your booze and press “Recraft last recipe” to go back to it. It works as long as you don’t take too long or craft anything else on the interval, and you can do it with deconstructions/butchering too, I think.

Did not know that. When was that added?

Not sure, but I’ve been doing it for quite a long time.

It’s been a semi-feature for years. I say semi-feature because it’s unreliable and weird. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, like one time when I spent about two days forging some steel weapon that was supposed to take like 12 hours.

Forging is the worst offender when it comes to that feature.