Food morale buff duration really short

Food/drink morale debuffs used to last for quite a while, yet now last only about an hour in game - maybe a bit more. While it is possible that this is an intended change, it seems likely to be a bug, especially considering that the changelog from the latest build has " 1. Increase duration of most morale effects" as one of the lines. I suspect that something went in the wrong direction there, and it’s subtracting instead of adding.

Either way it makes morale very difficult to manage during long crafting time items (or batch crafting) as buffs run out midway through and crafting speed grinds to a halt.

Morale duration was calculated incorrectly before and has been fixed, but because it was broken for a very long time, there are a lot of things that were set to the wrong durations and have to be tracked down. It’s a known issue.

If this is a fairly simple change, I might be able to update some of it. I assume that this sort of thing would be a json change, but while I see a “fun” element, I don’t see anything like “fun duration” that shouts about how long the fun would last. Anyone know where the changes need to be made, and if there’s a guideline for how long things are supposed to last?

What you want is the bugged buff duration.

Gourmand running out during long duration crafting is a feature. If you want permanent morale pick stylish/optimist. If you want burst morale regen after a fight, or stats/speed before a fight, along with higher stomach capacity and eating speed, pick gourmand.

Gourmand was never supposed to give you the permanent benefits of 8 stat points and quick for two chargen points (hello brains, how are you?).

This isn’t Gourmand perk, this is the ordinary morale boosts from eating stuff. I’m just used to regular food’s effects lasting longer. Guess I’ll have to figure out how to rework my character then, if this change is going to stick around.

Would be much easier to deal with if the character would auto drink alcohol in her inventory while long-crafting, to keep morale stable, as there’s no logical reason that wouldn’t be done. But I suppose no one has gotten around to coding that yet.

Auto-consumption of water and food while crafting and vehicle building would be GREAT, though.

It would be nice if a canteen or something could be set to auto-drink when safe at least.