Alcohol withdrawal morale debuff fluctuates wildly

I am playing a character who is addicted to alcohol, which would - prior to updating to the latest version after being about 4-5 days behind - give me morale debuffs ranging from -45 to -90 give or take, depending on how long it had been. However those seem to have vanished.

On a possibbly related note, the good morale boosts from food seem to decay much faster than they used to. Though I’m not sure if that is a bug, or if that was an intentional change merged in in the past few days.

I usually notice this after batch crafting something for 2 hours, by which time my morale boosts from various foods have decayed away, and I am in alchohol withdrawl, yet the only thing on my morale meter is Bad Tempered (-10).

Upon further testing, the alcohol debuff actually seems to still exist, but fluctuates wildly. Within a few ingame minutes it went from -14, to -56, to -24, to completely gone, to -56 again, etc.

I noticed this with wetness too.

Downgraded to an older version, then redownloaded the latest, and wild jumping around no longer occurs, with withdrawal debuff seeming to work correctly. However the duration of food morale buffs is still MUCH smaller than before, and I’m still not sure if that’s a bug, or intended. Either way I’ll open a seperate thread for that.