Moose Mutations

Recently got a wild Idea, we all know the most infamous CDDA Animal: the Moose, how about we add a Mutation Tree based on the Moose. I don’t really know what type of Mutations would fit a Moose, and i can’t really code myself, but i thought i’d put the Idea out there to both gather Ideas and maybe even try to do a mod out of it myself since modding CDDA seems to be pretty easy to learn

I think there’s a mod that already adds the Moose mutation line, maybe is the Cataclysm++ but I don’t think it’s something special that adds new mutations.

if you want it to be special, you need to code it, have seen many mutations mod that some just take traits from other mutations to make it like a different thing, and there are others that really make it different (like the one that adds the crab,snake and bunny mutation)

Well for one thing, you’d be chased around by a short Russian spy and his tall female partner.


I love this idea. I had thought a sort of ‘Equine’ serum line would be a really cool addition, but this makes it so much more… CDDA.

I’d love to be able to grow antlers and finally be able to send a brute through a wall with a headbutt as a post-threshold moose.

@Mantar I think moosepersons should be empowered near any NPCs with the equally necessary squirrel mutation line.

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I give this a bona fide Canadian thumbs up. :canada: :maple_leaf:

I’d like like to be able to smash thru brick walls and charge at enemies. Or maybe it can have a thing where you shed your antlers around fall/winter, and you can use it to craft weapons / etc. You’d be the ultimate walking moosetank.

Edit: OH, could also work as a sort of debuff to balance it out, too. Maybe only in winter you can enter certain places because otherwise you’d bonk your head everywhere with those big antlers xD

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Moose rage would be a good side effect. If you see a survivor wandering about, you suddenly get a strong desire to F up his day, ending his year long game save causing him to avoid playing cata for ages…

Sorry My last death blended in there for a bit. Being able to become that which i hate would be swell.