Equine Mutation Tree Concept

Looking at the current mutation categories, I feel like there’s an opportunity to fill a currently empty niche: utility focused, mostly-noncombat mutations.

I believe that a new category called Equine could be a potentially interesting mutation tree. I have a few ideas of potential mutations and a general direction, but wanted to get some input before I started working on teaching myself the JSON/C++ knowledge to start figuring out an implementation.

As an aside, I’ve also thought about the possibility of mutation-specific martial arts unlockable automatically upon gaining specific combinations of mutations, like a Lupine/Feline/Beast combat unlockable with fangs + claws centered around movement + crits (ie throat ripping on crits, etc) but that’s a separate idea.

As for the Equine mutation tree: I think it could potentially open the doors for an interesting play-style, especially for people with the Wayfarer trait or otherwise plan on traveling by foot. It would encompass a lot of similar traits to cattle such as hooves, strong back, and grazer but would also have some travel speed and endurance related mutations. Some specific NEW mutation ideas I had (Working titles) would be:
-High Endurance (Evolves from Indefatigable): Increased maximum stamina similar to Hyperactive, but not flavored towards mice
-Gallop/Cantor (Requires Hooves and High endurance): This would definitely be post-threshold. I don’t know how feasible this implementation would be, but I think it could be interesting to allow a toggled mutation where the survivor drops on all fours to allow for a running speed somewhere between walking and sprinting. The reason I suggest it being a toggle would be for game balance: while it allows for increased movement cost, the survivor can’t attack and has increased thirst/hunger. Maybe it could require 30 seconds to a minute to transition from 2 legs to 4.

The overall direction/flavor idea being a survivor that can carry more weight, run longer distances, and be less effected by rough terrain but at an increased maintenance cost (especially for water). Of course, horses are already in the game but I think this mutation tree could allow for some more fun/flexibility in mutation choices by being distinct enough to stand on its own while also remaining true to lore. As I mentioned before, I currently have next to 0 knowledge regarding the coding (my only experience and my plan was to essentially copy and reformat existing mutation trees as a skeleton) so I don’t know if my second idea would be possible in the framework of the game itself, but what does everyone think?


Unless you want hooves for hands that gallop is gonna blister your hands something fierce. I’d reckon it’d be better if’n you got a centaur lower body instead if you really want to add that gallop, and add appropriate pack bags or clothing for said “legs”.

If you’re looking to add utility then the spider and insect tree could use some love too. You literally get extra limbs but the game makes it like they don’t exist except to inconveniance you. That and you can’t really build a nest between the roofs of two buildings as a spider, I wanted to do that once but was disappointed to find I couldn’t. Not only that, wall climbing isn’t a thing as either of the arthropod strains. Even the cephalopod should be able to do that easily. If they can now then my apologies, haven’t played a mutant in a while, but damn do mutants need a reason for players to pick them over bionics except for the stat gains and night vision.

Actually, last time i checked cephalopods can climb down from buildings without requiring downspouts or other supports. They just aren’t any better at climbing up buildings.

I think you have a good point, but I would even take it a step further and say several mutation trees could probably use a little bit of love and tweaking. I’d love to see them all be even more distinct and varied

Good Idea overall but as MutaMan said, better to just make a centaur mutation line rather than just mutate your useful hands into hooves.

I worked a lot the past few months with json files but outside that my experience is null. I would like to learn to code new mechanics into the game through C++ but that could require the compiling of the CDDA game itself and last time I check it how to do it required like 3 diferent programs, it could be easier than I’m imagining and I’m just being lazy.

Edit: I found a post about compiling CDDA: I hope it helps.

A centaur lower body could be interesting in its own way as well. I could see it functioning basically as a permanent horse where you’d be able to equip horse armor and saddlebags. Maybe even the possibility of an NPC Follower riding you, since your torso would take up what would essentially be the location of a horse’s head and would leave the rest of the body open.