Monthly CDDA New Player Tutorial/Q&A Live-stream

Hey Everyone. Starting this coming Sunday, July 28th, I will be setting aside some time to do a YouTube live-stream Tutorial and Q&A for players new to Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. I will be scheduling these on the final Sunday of every month, following immediately after my Channel Update stream, until/unless there is no longer interest.

The Channel Update live-stream will start at 3pm (Central U.S. timezone) with the New Player Tutorial/Q&A following immediately after. This will be my first Channel Update live-stream so i am unsure exactly how long it will run but i will guess 3:30pm for the Tutorial/Q&A to start. More accurate timing will follow on later months as i get used to the process.

I would like the primary focus to be helping new players, answering their questions, and providing in-game demonstrations/lectures about game topics and mechanics. After they have their chance i will be happy to offer advice/opinions/shrugs for more experienced players/topics.

Feel free to drop by to chat, discuss, and ask questions.

Please pass the word on to other new players you think might be interested.

Stay Safe Out There!