Cataclysm University - A new player resource

A Youtube series (26 courses currently) designed to help new players learn about the game and overcome the initial learning cliff. It contains a series of short informative videos that each address a specific game-play topic/mechanic. In game demonstrations and explanations are provided for each topic. The courses are clearly named so that a new player can find information on the exact topic quickly.

New courses are coming and suggestions for future topics are welcome.


Glad to see you here Vormithrax!
I’ve watched about half of it as refresher and really liked it. It’s based on a recent version of the game so covers new features and additions.

Could use a course on mutation and cybernetics. Not sure if you’d want to do them as a single course as both being routes to powering up your character or do a separate course for each.

I spent a couple hours watching various videos. It’s a fantastic resource. I’m not sure I’d recommend it as a first tutorial for entirely new players as it seems to be missing some basic content, such as character creation and fundamental melee combat, but each video is an excellent summary for the topic it covers, and could teach a lot to players who already know the basics.

For brand new players i would point them to my Tutorial playthrough series first.

The first few episodes cover the launcher, Main menu, World and character creation, etc. Then it begins an Evac shelter/Survivor game where i detail early game survival strategies, i explain game systems and interface elements as they come up, etc. It’s a much better introduction for someone’s first experience. Then, as they get a handle on the basics, they can refer to the University series for more detailed information on particular mechanics/topics as needed.

That tutorial series is still on-going and up to episode 116 with lots of stuff still to teach/explore but it’s firmly in the mid-game stage now.


Hi proxiehunter, I do already have separate courses planned for both CBM’s and Mutagens/Purifiers.

Cataclysm University - Course 27 - How to change Fonts

Cataclysm University has a new course covering Compact Bionic Modules:

I thought I’d just throw in my experience, real quick like.

I downloaded Cataclysm maybe six months ago and never gave it any attention. It was discovered by accident, actually, but I love zombies and I love ASCII so why not plop those two together? I wrote it off because I didn’t think I had the time or energy to devote to learning a new, complex game like Cataclysm.

Came across your videos, Vorm, maybe a week ago, and started watching your let’s play. Later I watched your university series. I’m about 25% through your really long LP.

I wanted to thank you for creating these videos. I’m consuming them rapidly, and it made me go back and check out a game I’d written off several months ago. I’ve been greatly enjoying the experience and I don’t know that I would have had it without you. So thanks. Seriously.

Also I’m pretty sure your videos were all demonetized because I haven’t really seen any ads. So . . . Sorry you didn’t earn any money from my watching hours of your content x_x

Thanks for letting me know. It’s great to get feedback and encouragement on the channel/episodes. I’m glad they made a difference for you. My primary goal with the Tutorial play-through and the University series was to prevent early game frustration that i think drives many new players away before they realize how great the game can be.

You haven’t seen any adds because none are running. The channel does not qualify for monetization under the new rules Youtube put in place in January and i would actually prefer to keep the channel add free if possible. Tips/donations to support and help grow the channel can currently be done through Patreon (best), Paypal, or Twitch subscriptions/bits.

Cataclysm University has added a new course covering Mutations:

More courses are coming and suggestions for new topics are always welcome.

You mention that the mouse can’t be used to do anything other than mouse over to look at things… I think you also mention that in the university series as well.

FYI the mouse does have features that can be used besides the nifty inspection. Pretty sure most if not all of these were present when I started playing in about August of 2016. You can left click somewhere and it gives you a marker and dots (like when looking around). If you click on that marker (or just double click) your character will move to where you clicked. If it’s a doorway you clicked on (to move) your character will open it just like on keyboard. Additionally right click is semi context based. For doors and such right click closes them, it’s also for examining stuff like vehicles or items on the ground.

Some difference between mouse movement and keyboard movement. Mouse movement will do some pathfinding for you (the dots are the path that will be taken). If you can’t inspect the tile (x?), ie you can’t see the tile, then you can’t click on it to move there. Finally all the movement seems to happen in one update, that is to say it doesn’t draw every step, just the final stop. I’d suggest, if safe mode is disabled, avoiding using mouse movement (or go in small steps) as with safe mode enabled the moment your character sees something dangerous they will stop before reaching the destination.

The mouse also has special features when engaged in ranged combat. Entering fire mode the box that appears on the right states Mouse: LMB: Target, Wheel: Cycle, RMB: Fire.

There may be other uses in there but that’s the stuff I’m aware of and use periodically (well I never used the right click before and I haven’t had a mouse with middle click in a long while). Also I don’t really play outside of windows tiles, I’d expect linux tiles mouse stuff to be present but mouse is probably reliant on SDL and hence the tiles version.

Hi Folks,

I have released a new Cataclysm University Course to cover the recent changes to the CBM install/uninstall process. I hope you find the course helpful.

Stay safe out there!


Hello Fellow Survivors!

A new Cataclysm University course has been released that provides an example of tactical movement pulled from one of my live-stream series (City Savior). This is roughly the first hour of that series and shows an interesting situation that required me to maneuver around/through a large group of zombies for an extended period of time so i could safely acquire important items. During the episode i discuss my thoughts/strategies as the situation develops and demonstrate what is possible with an understanding of the movement mechanics in the game. I hope you find the information useful and/or entertaining.

Stay Safe Out There!

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Cataclysm University - Course 32 - Tactical Movement Example #2

This tactical movement course is a short segment pulled from a live-stream series (Fire Station Z) and demonstrates what is possible with an understanding of the movement systems and zombie abilities in the game. During this episode i maneuver around/through two large groups of zombies (Wander Spawn Hordes) for an extended period of time in order to clear my home base area, all while explaining my thoughts and strategies as the situation develops. I hope you find the information/demonstration helpful.

Stay Safe Out There!