Tutorial Playthrough : New Player Resource

A companion series to Cataclysm University designed to introduce new players to Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. The first few episodes walk through the launcher, world and character creation, and the basic interface. After that a full play-through begins using an Evac shelter start, Survivor profession, and Static spawn game world. As I play I explain early game survival strategies, things to consider, and the game mechanics and interface options that come up during play. Between this and my Cataclysm University series (see earlier topic or my channel) I hope to provide detailed resources new players can use to learn and appreciate this great game before too much frustration drives them away.

We finally finish our RV conversion/upgrade and now have our Apocalypse Death-Mobile!

First road test of our new Apocalypse Deathmobile:

The great exodus to our new home area begins! And we test out our Railgun CBM with some throwing knives and a Mi-go.