Month of playing - Crash

Good morning, everyone.

I have a problem with the game:

Any month ago i played cataclysm and activated sleep mode from my laptop during cataclysm was on.

Later i noticed that if i started cataclysm again that i cant load my charakter (during loading, the game crashed without message) … luckely i my charakter lived only 20 days, but its sucks. Okay.

Now, i forget this problem … and now my charakter lived more than 80 days and i’m very far in this game.

I actived sleep mode and bam: This problem comes again … i dont want to lose my maincharakter.

It was horrible work needed to build this and now …

Everyone knew this problem and know a method to solve this problem or to rescue my charakter?

I cant load my main charakter, the others are possible to load (in the same world!)

I hate it …

  1. Wrong forum
  2. What do you mean activated sleep mode?

English is not your main language is it? :slight_smile:

Though I can honestly say that sucks,my character is exactly one week in and I have a hunch that I would go through one of my roguelike devastation periods if I lost him. (Get really far in roguelike,lose character in a flash,ditch the game for a month before playing again.)

80 days is nasty,though is there actually stuff to do by then?

[quote=“Zireael, post:2, topic:6110”]1) Wrong forum
2) What do you mean activated sleep mode?[/quote]

(1) Give him a break,the names are similar.
(2) Computers have sleep mode which makes them conserve power without turning off,you can reactivate it and it should have your stuff saved.

EDIT In-fact I’m pretty sure he’s playing DDA.

English is not your main language is it? :)

Jeah, sorry :smiley: i’ve many questions and additionaly learn english, perfect :smiley: (it isn’t absolutely my language, how u can see: a good friend said everytime: if he read my perfect english texts, he gets cancer :D)

though is there actually stuff to do by then?

I dont understand this part of your sentence, sorry :smiley:
I play Cataclysm DDA 0.A :wink:

If i couldn’t solve this problem, i’m sure i need months to play again cataclysm dda :smiley: system recovery?

Sometimes, you need to start over. This is the game telling you to make a new character.

(I’m kidding.)