Corrupted save / segfault while sleeping

I was playing 0.A-1925, linux curses version and it experiences segmentation fault once in a while. It seemed random so I put up autosave every 300 turns… eventually it autosaved during sleep and then crashed before my character woke up. I loaded it and it crashed again. And again.

Odd thing is, it doesn’t seem to always crash at the same moment. I switched to 0.A-1929 but no luck. Then I edited the save file and set the sleep duration to 1, so he woke up when I loaded, then after walking around a while… crash.

Here’s the save folder:

Apparently the crash is tied to coughing (presumably only while asleep but I’m not sure). I salvaged my character by save editing and it doesn’t appear to crash if I’m not sick. I later got a crash while sleeping with fungus illness (also causes cough).

…So my character coughs so hard the game crashes. Heh.