Cata crashes everytime I try to play character 1 after starting a 2nd character

It happened again Darkling. I wanted to check some stuff in wizmode and after exiting char 2 who was in an evac shelter previous failed runs started at the game crashes every time I try to load the first save. I have like 8 hours into it and had a really cool setup. And I MUST avenge my bicycle! The problem seems to come from two saves writing to the same world.

Cata’s in the link so you got everything that might be causing the issue!

I’m not sure if I’ve read this correctly, but if you want to test a character while you already have one in progress the safest way (based on what I know) is to save the original character, exit the game via the menu, then back up that save folder.
After that you can delete the save folder in the original location and enjoy your (relatively) bug free testing experience.

Just keep the original folder safe.

Yeah it was a dumb move on my part. I really hope the devs can figure it out and give me a way to recover the 1st char save too.