Monsters who cannot be dissected for bionics should not incorrectly state that they can be

i guess the reason is that zombie pheromones count as a CBM (what the fuck? oh well though) for no apparent reason and give the message about “you might find some bionics dissecting this” even though there’s actually no real chance for bionics to be yielded and the best case result will only give pheromone.

would be a lot less confusing if the message differentiated (correctly) between bionics being present and not, no clue what a zombie pheromone is (i’ve looked, some kind of lure, useless in other words) or why i’d ever want one but they seem to have an incredibly small usefulness in game so it’s kinda annoying to flat out lie to the player about the expected returns like this.

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Zombie pheromone can be used to make zombies passive, it’s pretty handy for escaping from a tough spot.
It used to make them friendly and attack other zombies, which was fun, but a little too OP for how easy it was to get.

right, but why the false positive of it being a CBM?

that was all information i already had, that’s all.

It’s a display bug.
20 character limit

what do you mean? the alternate message to tell you you might get pheromones would be too long?

I mean it’s a display bug.
And that discourse won’t let me post a message that’s shorter than 20 characters. (Also it doesn’t want to display a cursor lately, unless I change focus out of the edit window and back in. What’s up with that?)

so what causes it then and how do we go about fixing this already?

github issue created: