A way to write notes in the game?

I find myself wanting to write down notes in game all the time, such as:

  • things to do
  • loots to retrieve
  • items to craft

… etc

It can be a game item or a feature like map note. Does anyone want it ?

Already in the game. 'a’ctivate a survival marker or permanent marker and write notes to your heart’s content.

You can write notes on the overmap. Bring it up and hit ‘N’ to start a note.

Would be pretty simple to add the ability to text file on paper Wouldn’t it? Pens and pencils could be given charges to allow writing until out of charges.

Would be interesting having people scavenging for writing utensils so they can ‘finish that damn note/journal’ etc…

Edit: Or ‘Fix that Dam Typo’

Can’t we write on signs too? Don’t think i’ve ever tried, usually seems like a waste of wood and time.

Well you’d probably want a more advanced editor than the ones that are currently in the game. (Those really need to be unified and fixed up anyway, it’s annoying that I can’t edit overmap notes and have to delete them and retype them if I, forex, make it the wrong color)

Really like your idea. Especially if the items you need have to be crafted. Finally carving into wood could be useful!

I would like a survivors journal. Those survivor notes have to come from some where right…

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