Monster Modding Questions

Could I possibly have multiple gun type special attacks? Possibly an akimbo enemy or a multi-weapon turret?

What about explosives? Could monsters potentially throw grenades or molotovs?

How would I go about these?

Furthermore: What about the PARROT special attack. Can a speech line have multiple speakers (what if I want a generic speech group for multiple related monsters?) or would I have to repeat the line for every creature?

Do monsters with guns actually reload them?

Edit: Edited the thread name to add more questions. No use adding multiple threads for some related questions.

Only one gun attack per mon. Unless its a hardcoded special attack like the flamthrower/cannon of a tankdrone.

grenades and molotovs can be thrown as a gun ammo. just make special versions that activate when they hit the ground and blow up on time.

check out the pks_rebalancing mod for examples. Look at things like the robots.

I see. Thank you for your answer.

Sure. NP.

Look for the patch too, its on the discourse here somewhere.

That PK guy, though, he’s a real swell fella.

I may have failed to document it properly, but you can give all special monster actor attacks (those with json definitions, lowercase names) custom ids. A monster can’t have two attacks with same id, but two attacks of same type but different id are fine.
You just need to add an “id” field. If not specified, “id” is equal to “type”.