Equiped Enemies

I wonder if some general questions thread should be made I just feel like I’m thread spamming with silly simple questions so I am sorry about that.

So looking through the documentation and the code a bit, it is my understanding that the only way enemies do more than a simple melee attack is to have them do a special attack. It also seems that the special attacks are very specific things to the extent that for example the enemy SMG attack is very specific.

So it is my understanding that enemies can’t be “equipped”, it is my understanding that they can’t fire a weapon they are holding, but it is merely a “pretend” weapon. The only way this seems to be able to be modified is to directly edit the code of the special attacks, and it looks a bit messy.

So am I right in all of this then, that it is if anything, a huge pain to give enemies weapons such as guns, or at least fake it as much as the other special attacks?

You are right. Handling this is one of the reasons NPCs are so complicated, because interacting with weapons and items is pretty complicated.

That is unfortunate. Is there any possibility in the foreseeable future that this might change for the better, or would working the NPCs pretty much give this feature.

It depends on what you’re doing, expanding the current “smg” special attack to instead use a specific gun per-monster wouldn’t be all that hard, having monsters find and pick up guns, reload them, and use them would be rather difficult.

That’s all I need.

Any plans in the future to move attacks to JSON?

It’s difficult due to the large variety of attacks. I believe you can currently make new ones through the lua system, and we’ll probably eventually move some of the more basic special attacks through the json, but the farther limits of it will probably remain code/lua based due to their shear complexity.

Oh really now? Is there any examples or anything that explain how do to this?

Well time has gone by, and I see there’s faction based stuff/more functional NPCs in the current experimental builds. I also see things are in JSONs now.

Say I wanted to make a STALKER conversion, how doable is that now?

Also, is there any ways to say, remove all the monsters that currently exist, and add in only new ones I create?