A question on one of my Ideas

So for this, it is mostly I want to see if an idea I have is something people like. it is pretty much about power armor.
I am not a fan of power armor in the game. so much of my own research made it look cool but by the time I actually found some (pure luck a light armor chest-plate spawned), it actually blocked much of my gear from being used. and this was just after I had a very close escape (if any of you have read my day from hell post it was that save.) and I hate how mutations often block them. not only do I not find it fair it adds an artificial benefit to 4 mutations trees that don’t have conflicts.

So the Idea Power armor works more Like fallout 4 where this idea came from. the in-game power armor is an exo-suit power armor with its own powered station (powered by things like vehicle batteries) this station would let players repair the armor and mod it. both normal mods like improvements to the suit self (like a built-in sword on the top a gauntlet with a flamethrower on the bottom of the same gauntlet.) but also being able to mod the armor to work with mutations. a player with some form of the huge style mutation would just add more to the armor to expand its size. it could also improve existing mutations. like for a plant mutation, something to at the least let the player use roots if not improving them

I would also say an exosuit could use weapons that need a brace or turret mount. the enhanced strength makes sense to use larger weapons

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Well if they were to change anything. I would say make it like Stalker Last Day/Anomaly. But then that would be more realistic to how people may evolve them from the real ones. I think the devs like the fallout style a bit more.

I found the stalker design neat,the fallout one seems to fit in the case of the heavy power armor, scrap power armor should be usable by all mutations that don’t turn you into some big THICCO BOIIIIIIII !!!

most power armor should have the option to add a sheath/scarbab,holster and rifle sling/magnets.

I think it is farely balanced as long as the items are uncraftable example:

Neodymium electromagnets for your RM-51 assault rifle be fixed in your chest and can only be removed by the magnets having negative charge aplied (only the power armor user can remove it ) the same applies to the holster an scarbab/sheath as an explanation,or make XL stuff usable :stuck_out_tongue:

If power armor is huge to the point of even strapped gear being blocked the a squid girl or a plank boi can enter it thanks to their malleable limbs

There is a mod called Armored UP! that adds some power armour mag lock items:

The PA utilities pack has them.

I think the FO suits are alittle off putting in the legs. You imagine clunkingalong in those things? You can’t walk with out catching sh!t of fire with those metalthighs bruh lol