Modifying existing wildlife

Hey! I’d like to make a modification of existing wildlife to fit their RL body weights/sizes.
I’d like to ask where can I find files with animals and ask, if there is possibility to make weight random, and side/volume dependant on weight?

As example: right now moose weights 120kg and has volume of 370 - IRL Americas biggest moose (Alaska moose) can grow up to 800kg with an average of ~600kg for adult male. As for volume - I consider 1 volume as 0,25 litre meaning that 1 litre = 4 volume. 1 litre of body weights 1,051-1,071 kg (which is sum of all bones, meat, sinews, skin, etc. divided by body volume)…

What I’d like to get: moose with random weight between 200 and 800kg, with its volume= (weight/1,06)*4

Corpse weights are hardcoded in item.cpp
Creature weights are hardcoded in monster.cpp

Well, that could be easily moved to the json files I’d say.

you would only get 4 or 5 options to make them, in line with critter size.

tiny, small, med, large, huge

No custom corpse size weight.

Yeah, looking at the code, it is not as easy as I thought.

perhaps a more precise, numerical size function would work; one that would allow players/modders to customize exact size and thus corpse/butcher yield?

Butchery products desperately need to be unlocked, and this would be a start.

Perhaps moving the sizes to a separate json file an having the associated values of those sizes (dodge bonus, weight, etc) be modifiable in that file.