A couple of Questions

What does creature size do? I can guess it dictates how much meat you can harvest from a creature… but what else can this piece of code do?

Also, I’m not really sure I fully understand item spawning.

{ "type": "monitems", "id": "mon_zombie_cop", "item_groups": [ [ "cop_weapons", 20 ], [ "cop_gear", 40 ] ] },
Is the number next to the item group a % of spawning? Are they affected by the number next to the item in the item group file?

Size determines a few other things like corpse weight, and has some effect on both the creatures ability to target you (body part wise) and their ability to dodge your attacks (small getting boost, large getting a penalty).

Item spawning is a weighted average. So in this case there would be a 20/(20+40) = 33.3% chance of spawning an item from cop_weapons, and a 66.6% chance of spawning an item from the cop_gear item group.

Hmm… but sometimes lots of items are spawned from those 2 items groups. How does that works?