Modded Items not useable in Crafting Recipes

Just a suggestion for a future update, not sure if it’s doable or not.

I recently encountered a problem when I was installing a set of aisle lights into my vehicle which uses a Flashlight in the crafting recipe.
Unfortunately when I installed it, the process consumed my modded flashlight with the rechargeable battery, after uninstalling it, I never got the recharge mod back (I searched the immediate area around the vehicle, the cargo holds and my characters inventory)

I’m worried this exact same thing could happen with many other modded items in my possession when I’m crafting, I mean, sure I’ll be more careful next time, but a block on modded items being consumed or even a Prompt asking “Are you sure you want to use “This Modded item” to craft with?” would be helpful, since it only takes one lapse of memory and a button click to make the mistake.

This bothers me as well, especially since there doesn’t seem to be any preference for non-modded items over modded items.
Opening an issue ticket for it.

It would also be neat if the game could prefer to use old(er) comestible items (such as older meat chunks) rather than going by order and using the new(er) ones. At least have it prompt you to use newer items or something.