Cannot craft 'aisle lights'

When trying to add aisle lights to my vehicle, the crafting options stays disabled and “1 flashlight (off)” in the “components required” section is still red, although I have a flashlight on me.
Can someone try if that’s reproducible?

Version: 0.E-2 build 10478 (vanilla)

I’ll give it a try, but it can be helpful if you add the version of the game and the active mods in your world to a bug report.
If you play the stable version and I try it in a random experimental version, the results might be very different.

I’ve tested it in 0.E experimental build 11076 and it seems to work fine.

Is your flashlight loaded with a battery? You probably have to (U)nload it first.
Or is it a “heavy duty” one? The game’s a bit picky on which one you can install, you’ll need a regular one…

Sorry for forgetting the version number. I am always so annoyed if people don’t mention it, and now I’m here, doing it myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I edited the question. Thanks for reminding!

And you were spot on! The flashlight has to be empty (unloaded, not containing any batteries), then it works like a charm.
I consider this totally my bad, as it clearly does not mention any batteries in the recipe :slight_smile:

Now if you excuse me, I have to enjoy my shiny (literally) humvee in a new light :sunglasses:

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