Mod_stat("stat", mod) vs. mod_"stat"(mod)

Basically right now we have two different ways to mod a lot of our stats, either through “mod_fatigue(X)” or through “mod_stat(“fatigue”, X)”. I was wondering if I should be working to compress everything down into just one or the other as I go (thus preventing duplication), and if so which one should I be working towards?

I mean having a single “mod_stat(“stat”, X)”, “get_stat(“stat”)”, and “set_stat(“stat”, X)” rather than a billion different setter, getter, and mod functions certainly sounds attractive, but I personally haven’t worked with setters and getters enough to know which is the preferred code style in this case.

mod_stat( “string”, x ) is useful for json access, but I’d use the dedicated getters/setters for everything else.

Which is why we have both in the first place :confused:

Fair enough, it was one of those things that seemed kinda arbitrary. I’ll make sure to try to shift it to make sure we have both available for everything.